Innovative products for the pig industry

Breedveld Trading is manufacturer of high quality products for the agricultural sector. Since 1985 we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of a broad assortment of products for the pig farming and in particular for pig breeders. The pig farming is, especially the past years, ongoing in motion and therefore needs innovative solutions. The products of Breedveld Trading are particularly efficient and contribute directly to better environmental conditions for pigs and piglets. In this way we can help you to manage your business in a more animal friendly way.

Since July 2007 Breedveld Trading has been taken over and has now established in Deurne. Ever since this take-over Breedveld Trading has started an extension of the assortment. We now develop and manufacture products of stainless steel (RVS), which can be manufactured entirely to the demand of the customer.

The products of Breedveld Trading can be delivered worldwide through a selective dealer network. If you want to purchase some of our products, you can contact your dealer. If you are interested in a dealership, you can contact us directly.